Ingredients: Ripe Banana, Cashew nut, Grated Coconut, Cardamom powder, vegetable oil, Refined wheat flour, Rice flakes, Molasses, cumin.

Peel the ripe banana and trim both the ends then make a batter with refined wheat flour, salt, cumin and water. Make a mixture of rice flake, jaggery, grated coconut, cumin and cardamom. Take a peeled banana and make a shallow slit length wise then filled the slit with mixture and dip the banana in batter, Deep fry the banana in hot vegetable oil until they become golden yellow. Then pre-cool the product before blast freeze at -32 °C and pack and stored at – 18 °C. The procedure is carried out so as to assure that the product is free from any type of contamination.

We are one of the leading factories in Kochi, situated in the Cochin Special Economic Zone engaged in the production of all varieties of Frozen South Indian as well as North Indian snack foods which are in the form of ready to eat or ready to cook. Apart from the listed items, all types of Biryanies, Curries, Chinese items etc. are produced in this factory. Coconut products are our another major line.